What Is the Most Laid Back Drug Rehab Center in Oregon?

Question by Ellen: What is the most laid back Drug Rehab Center in Oregon?
I am looking for a residential substance abuse program that works. I am an adult female who struggles with opiate addiction. Not to say that is the point. Anyways I would prefer to attend one where there was less (key word here less, all treatment centers will be strict to an extent, I know this.) structure. Preferably being able to use an iPod, computer, phone. Free time. A nice campus. All that good stuff. If you can help let me know. Please no rude comments or stating the obvious. Thank you.

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Answer by Ted P
The ones that come to mind are the Pacific Hills and Watershed Addiction treatment programs.

These are excellent programs and have a been around for some time

I have to commend you for making the effort, it is a positive sign of good things to come for you.

Good luck