What’s the Connection Between Drug Use and HiV? Will Addiction Treatment Lessen the Spreading of HIV and AIDS?

Question by annaliese r: What’s the connection between drug use and HiV? Will addiction treatment lessen the spreading of HIV and AIDS?
I do know that they’re somehow interrelated. I was just curious as to how addiction treatment could possibly lessen the spreading of the aforementioned diseases.

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Answer by alicia c
Drug addiction treatment would be able to reduce the spread of AIDS/HIV because drugs users are more likely to get affected by such diseases. Treating drug addicts will definitely help. Studies have shown that those who inject drugs who do not let themselves get subjected to treatment are six times more liekly to get infected with HIV or AIDS, as opposed to those who let themselves get treated.

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Online Gaming/sex/alcohol/drug Addictions?

Question by Jacky: Online gaming/sex/alcohol/drug addictions?
I have all of these and I cant stop! I left my marraige my husband and my 3 kids that I rarely see now but I cant stop I love this too much and I meet way too man men here that love me. I feel bad when I am down but I cant stop acting or feeling like this. I was just eveicted from my apt and lost my job and lost everything but I dont care as long as I have my xbox and these men and other ppl in my life that I met on xbox. Whats wrong with me! Its been 3 years since I left my family! I cant get over this and there is always someone that I really love playing xbox and I cant stop loving these people that i meet on here and I really care for them and they do for me. I met one and it did not work but I just move to the next on teh xboxreally believing it will be better. I cant stop! These ppl love me too much and i love it! I cant let go. And ive lost everyhting on this path and I dont care. I dont even see my kids…something is wrong but i cant stop
Im 36 btw going on 37.
i love using the camera on there too. the attention is too good for me to give it up for anything

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What Are the Physical Signs of Drug Abuse?

Question by JessaB: What are the physical signs of drug abuse?
My friend recently moved in with me and I’m worried he may be on something. He’s always fidgety, talks a lot about nothing, his eyes are always dilated, and when he goes into the bathroom he’s in there for quite a while. When he comes back out he says he’s having stomach troubles but (and I know this might seem nasty) it never smells so I’m thinking unless his business smells like roses he’s doing something else. Am I just being paranoid?

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Answer by Angel_face
Physical Signs