Addiction- Drug Deaths or Stories?

Question by : Addiction- drug deaths or stories?
Need some help with my addiction issues- feel that personal stories or death statistics might help me out.
All answers welcome- I’m pretty desperate.
Yes, I go to meetings.
Thanks in advance.
please help me before its too late.

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Answer by Sy K
I know you don’t see it but almost all people who commit serious crime, murder, rape, kidnapping, violent crime, muggings knife & gun crime & probably many other sorts all of them used drugs

I’ve had smack heads (Herion addicts) stab me while walking home from school all because his missus started shouting at me for no reason, O his is girlfriend was younger than me & i was still at school (A+B = C = F.ucked Up)

So i hope you get the point drugs are an excuse

Answer by Anthony D
Not too long ago i was dispatched to a sudden death. A man on a pay phone called 911 and told dispatch that over an hour ago he and a group of friends were shooting up heroin and smoking crack. He told dispatch that one guy stopped breathing and they all took off. He also noted he was scared and felt guilty so called to make sure he was okay. Not to mention the group of addicts took the mans possessions, a wallet, money, cards, jewelry before fleeing. We obviously got there too late. This man probably died thinking he wasn’t alone.

I get OD’s quite often and most of the time it’s too late because people just leave. This was the first call i encountered where people robbed a dying “Friend”. Good luck, i hope you can find yourself help before you become a statistic. Your addiction may not be heroin, but all addictions are the same.