Christian Based Drug Rehabs in Texas?

Question by eko: Christian based drug rehabs in Texas?
I am looking for a christian based drug rehab in Texas for my brother who has finally decided to turn a new leaf. Since we won;t be able to afford to pay for it I was wondering if there is any kind of rehab that would take him in for free and make him work there to make up for it. Any kind of information would be greatly appreciated. Other states will also do. I need this info really bad before its too late to save my brother. Thanks

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Answer by freshbliss
Most states have treatment for people who need rehab, regardless of ability to pay. Some halfway houses after people get out of treatment do have work programs.
It wont be christian based though (institutions that recieve state or federal funding are can’t be religious) – it will likely have a strong 12 step componant, and that can be of any spiritual faith that he wants.

Contact your department of community health.

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