Fate – Story of a Drug Dealer…(short Movie)

Fate – story of a drug dealer…(short movie) — All the characters in this movie are students, of Bachelors in Planning, in School of Planning and Architecture Vijayawada… We are Proud to Represent Ayush…

'True' Confessions of local filmmaker Miguel Ali Hasan
“I was inspired by the testimonials of the drug addicts and alcoholics, and I wanted to share my story,” Hasan said. … The movie is funny and moving — all the stuff good movies are supposed to be — but our favorite part is the Academy Award campaign.
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Nymphomaniac, The Wolf of Wall Street and cinema's bad sex renaissance
Cinema is too bound up with pleasure and looking and fantasy – with voyeurism in the dark – for the modern diagnosis of sex addiction to register as much more than a buzz-kill. It's an impure medium, a drug, an altered state, an addiction unto itself …
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