Florida Drug Rehabs

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Drake Institute Non Drug Treatment for Children With ADD Drake Reviews

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Sunanda Pushkar’s Autopsy Report Today; Drug Overdose Cause of Death?

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Why Do Drug Addiction Treatments Cost Much?

Question by aracely s: Why do drug addiction treatments cost much?
I was just wondering about this since thousands of dollars seem like so much money.

Best answer:

Answer by arlyn w
Drug addiction treatments cost much because a lot of factors are involved when treating a patient. Medication and payment for counseling and therapy costs much. But studies have shown that a full year of methadone maintenance treatment would cost a lot less than a year of imprisonment. Besides, this is someone’s life that’s on the line. What’s a thousand dollars compared to leading a sober, happy, addiction-free life?

Las Vegas NV Drug Rehab Call (888) 321-1718 Drug Rehab Center Las Vegas Nevada

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What Is a TAIP Test in Texas?

Question by aeriejayy: What is a TAIP test in texas?
my best friend has to take one in two days. hes on probation.
what happens? do they drug test him?
if so, and he fails, what happens?
or…is it only for alcohol?
what does TAIP stand for?

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Answer by SmashBrawler
I only know that the acronym stands for Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration Program, I think it may be a alchohol/drug evaluation.