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What Are the Drugs Being Used for Substance Abuse Treatments?

Question by aiyana ss: What are the drugs being used for substance abuse treatments?
I was wondering what drugs were being used for the treatment of heroin addiction. I just got intrigued because I’ve always thought that addicts just had to get off heroin (or whatever substance it is that they’re addicted to) and that that would be enough for them to get better.

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Answer by Heather

Christian Treatment Programs??

Question by stolenvoice_x: christian treatment programs??
I am looking for a christian based place to go for residential treatment. I was looking into Mercy Ministries and I am pretty much a no on that and I am a DEFINITE NO on teen challenge. Preferably somewhere in Michigan. Mercy seemed so practical because it’s free, and really sounds like what I need but it’s pretty far away and they require a 6 month commitment and I don’t think I could commit to that. I am struggling with a lot right now… I am only now dealing with a rape that occured in 2002, I have been self-injuring for 10 years now and drug/alcohol dependent among lots of other things. I have been in the hospital (mental ward) about 13+ times now, residential rehab once, outpatient rehab once, I guess the list could go on.. I really need some help…. really bad… soon.. I think about suicide way too often.
I’m really scared of being in a strict, religious environment. I was raised christian but walked away from god and the church and I get really angry when I think about god, or hear people talk about him… almost enraged..
I don’t know if I can handle it.. and as for strict, I’ve always been allowed to do what I want.. so yea, I’m terrified… but I need the help. Possibly long term but not a year long.. 🙁 I dont know what to do!!!!! I need help but nothing has worked!
because like i said, nothing else has worked.

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Alcohol Rehabs in Florida Addiction Treatment Center

Alcohol Rehabs in Florida Addiction Treatment Center

How to Overcome My Addiction to Online Porn?

Question by : How to overcome my addiction to online porn?
I know of rehabs where a person can go to detox from drugs and alcohol abuse/adddiction. Where can I go to get help with my onlne porn addiction? It’s ruining me! I should study for a college exam and hold down a job but I quit my job to look at porn (my mom pays my way and lets me live in her attic) and now I want to go to porn sites and look at barely legal girls instead of doing anything else. How do I get help?!?!?! Also, will my mom’s insurance pay for me to get better?

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