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Is There Such Thing as a “Weekend Pass” for a Drug Treatment Center?

Question by bradpast: Is there such thing as a “Weekend Pass” for a Drug Treatment Center?
My friend called me after spending a week and a half in a drug treatment center and he tells me that he is out for the weekend. He says they gave him a ‘Weekend Pass’ for having a month of sobriety, when I know for sure that he was using right before he left for the center… Trust him???

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Answer by Ron
I’m a recovered alcoholic who went into a drug/alcohol rehab centre in 2006, first of all alcoholics and drug addicts are the world’s best liars, and I think it’s extremely unlikely.

What Sociological Theory Speaks About Spousal Abuse?

Question by : what sociological theory speaks about spousal abuse?
why do women stay with men who abuse them and what helps them to leave the pain behind and start anew

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Prayer for Drug Addicts…?

Question by MAX CADY: Prayer for drug addicts…?
Please look at this question:

Why did so many people tell this girl to PRAY for a drug addict and none of them mentioned DRUG TREATMENT??

Shouldn’t this person see a licensed medical professional who can treat people with drug addiction?

Best College Degrees to Open Drug Rehab?

Question by Nacole: best college degrees to open drug rehab?
I have dreamed of opening a drug rehab for years. Half of my family and an ex are drug addicts, and it disgusts me how some rehabs are like spas and don’t actually teach them how to survive with their addiction and not use. (For the sake of getting to my point I will leave it at that) I am about to start my sophomore year in college and am trying to figure out the education I need to open my own drug rehabilitation center. Part of my demands it be nonprofit, but I will have to see which is ultimately best. I know I need business knowledge and addiction related knowledge. What I have come up with is majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology. Both only taking classes related to deviance, criminology , abnormal behavior, stuff like that. And take any prerequisites for business and then get masters in business administration (MBA).
Does this sound good? Would another route be better, if so what degrees? I would love if I could just go from a bachelors, but I don’t know. Any suggestions would be great, thanks. Please only serious answers. Thanks in advance for all your help.

What Can Be Done About All the Drug Addiction in America? Does Anyone Think?

Question by kakeydec: What can be done about all the drug addiction in America? does anyone think?
anything will ever be done?

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Answer by Some Guy
homey homey homey!!! We love our drugs like ur love ur mum.

And hopefully it stays dat way

Answer by §§pecial Unicorn
I know it’s horrible to say, but we have worse problems than drug addicts. Plus, until the addict wants a change, you can’t change them.

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On Call Drug Counseling at 449Recovery 24/7 Addiction Treatment Help in Orange County

On Call Drug Counseling at 449Recovery 24/7 Addiction Treatment Help in Orange County — Alcohol and Drug Counselors are on hand 24hr a day to help drug addicts and clients of the 449 Recovery drug rehab center in San Clemente to get help when ne…