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Can You Kick a Heroin Addiction on Your Own Without Withdrawals?

Question by Mr. X: Can you kick a heroin addiction on your own without withdrawals?
Can you kick a heroin addiction by using less and less until you’re doing like 1 hit per month?

I am not using heroin, and I never will.

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How Do You Write a Thesis About Pedophilia?

Question by kim: How do you write a thesis about pedophilia?

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Answer by wildan
Thesis About Pedophilia

The Seductive Madame Le Pen

The Seductive Madame Le Pen
The fact that Hollande's approval ratings look like a polar vortex, hovering around 20 percent, has raised hopes among all his potential rivals that he'll be a one-term wonder. ….. the spendingest man in the county, which spending had bought for …
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Rob Ford: We asked city leaders to break their silence. Here's what they said
Public trust and confidence are built up or destroyed by widely held perceptions much more than often-disputed “facts.” Trust, integrity and humility are the currency for …. We all know the history — the drug use, the underworld associations, the …
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How Can I Stop My Family From Abusing Me?

Question by Terese: How can I stop my family from abusing me?
I’m over 50 years old. My brothers are younger than me. My sister is a year older than me. They’re interfering with my life. They’re trying to tell me I shouldn’t see my male friend because he has a “past.” Yes, he HAD a problem with prescription drug addiction. It was over two years ago. He’s been in a program, has been in counseling with me, we’re working things out, we’re practicing Catholics, and his problems stem from a very personal issue in his past having to do with a member of the clergy and abuse. None of my family members know this and it’s NONE of their business. My brothers insist that they don’t want him around the family and that he’s not welcome at any family functions. The ironic thing is that ALL THREE of my siblings have used illegal drugs in their past. I’m the only one who has never touched an illegal substance. What a bunch of hipocrites! My siblings all claim to be CHRISTIANS. Where’s the forgiveness? At what point do you move on–if ever? My boyfriend is devastated by their behavior and extremely angry. I’ve been forced to choose between my family and him, and I’ve chosen him. My mother is the only neutral one, and she’s torn because she feels threatened by my brothers and bullied by my sister, who is her caregiver. What am I to do? I’ve never felt so low, helpless, and hopeless in my life.

Drug Rehab for Men in Georgia?

Question by jan j: drug rehab for men in Georgia?
i have a 22 yr. old son in need of drug rehab,from opiate addiction. Where in Georgia can I find him HELP?

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Answer by jasminetablen
Call any hospital, social service center, go online, they will give you information, do it quickly…you’re a good mother for caring.

Answer by invisible
green leaf in valdosta..or they may know of a closer one to you

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Heroin Addiction Story – Parents’ Perspective #3 | My Treatment My Choice

Heroin addiction story – parents’ perspective #3 | My Treatment My Choice — Elizabeth was devastated to discover that her twin boys were both addicted to heroin. Here she tells their story of becoming heroin dependent, of trying to s…

In the fight against heroin, help stalls in Trenton as frustration grows
They gathered research and logged hours of testimony, including from dozens of parents who spoke candidly about their young adult children, once thriving students, athletes, employees gripped by opiate addiction, cycling in and out of rehab facilities, …
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