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What Are the Drugs Being Used for Substance Abuse Treatments?

Question by aiyana ss: What are the drugs being used for substance abuse treatments?
I was wondering what drugs were being used for the treatment of heroin addiction. I just got intrigued because I’ve always thought that addicts just had to get off heroin (or whatever substance it is that they’re addicted to) and that that would be enough for them to get better.

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Answer by Heather

'Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow'

'Help for today, hope for tomorrow'
Hope for Tomorrow,” and both Joint Base Langley-Eustis alcohol and substance abuse programs are working toward bettering the lives of U.S. service members suffering from alcohol dependence. The Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment program at …
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Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services tries to reach out to more troubled
The program's 26 counsellors are assigned to two schools each, and privately treat between 12 and 15 students at each school at any given time. The students the program assists face a range of issues from eating disorders and post-traumatic-stress …
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Diagreements on Teen Drug and Alcohol Abuse?

Question by : diagreements on teen drug and alcohol abuse?
i wrote an essay for Social Studies….
For many years the topic of teenage drug and alcohol abuse has many different opinions which concern location, wealth, gender, age, and the actual number of kids that do it. Some parents with middle school teenagers think that drug and alcohol abuse begins in high school and there is no need to worry about that yet. Teens through the ages 12-14 were surveyed, the age most said they first started drugs was 14. Many kids start at 12, but the average age they start hard drugs is only 14.( Then with drinking 2.4% at age 12 to 4.5% at age 13, 8.9% at age 14, 16.9% at age 15, 22.4% at age 16, 30.1% at age 17, 42.4% at age 18, 51.2%.( There is then the assumption that only boys do drugs and drink. This assumption is false. Actually 12.2% of girls do drugs, and 9.4% of boys. From the ages 12-17, 1.5 million girls started drinking, but 1.28 million boys did ( , which means that that guess is totally false. “My kids don’t have any way to get drugs or alcohol.” Both of these things are actually very easy to get. Alcohol is now found in an everyday home, and most of the time not in a locked cabinet, making it very easy for teens to have access to the alcohol. Drugs are also relatively easy to get. People can pass them to each other during school, after school, at parties, or when they are just hanging out. My kids are smarter than that, it won’t happen to us. The truth is that it can happen to anyone. Kids take drugs for many reasons like to relieve stress, to fit in, to feel good, prevent boredom, escape, relax, feel grown up, experiment, be like their role model, and to rebel. Parent think that many of these problems have stopped because of D.A.R.E. This is also untrue. D.A.R.E. and many other drug and alcohol abuse awareness programs have been cuts, either because of the nationwide budget cuts or the community just found them unnecessary. Lastly people in Westfield and other wealthy towns may think that drugs only occur in less wealthy towns. This too is false. Many kids in Westfield do drugs because we have more money to buy drugs. Many people have many different opinions on this topic but in reality drugs and alcohol are there, if you like it or not.
I got i back because it was a group project and my teacher said that i didn’t answer the question right? i didn’t know what to do, she also said that it was a bit all over.. here is the question..

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