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What Are the Physical Signs of Drug Abuse?

Question by JessaB: What are the physical signs of drug abuse?
My friend recently moved in with me and I’m worried he may be on something. He’s always fidgety, talks a lot about nothing, his eyes are always dilated, and when he goes into the bathroom he’s in there for quite a while. When he comes back out he says he’s having stomach troubles but (and I know this might seem nasty) it never smells so I’m thinking unless his business smells like roses he’s doing something else. Am I just being paranoid?

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Answer by Angel_face
Physical Signs

Life After Food Addiction #87

Life After Food Addiction #87 — SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW VIDEOS: http://bit.ly/SubVimergy ? WEIGHT LOSS BLUEPRINT: http://weightlossblueprint.com ? FOR MORE INFO: http://vimergy.com ? GET JUICY …

Principles of Addiction Medicine — Clarity Way Rehab

Principles of Addiction Medicine — Clarity Way Rehab — When it comes to addiction medicine, it is imperative that your advice come from a Board Certified Addiction Medicine Physician to ensure safe and effective …

How seaweed could slow the obesity tidal wave
Nonetheless, the market for quick-fix weight loss treatments is large and extremely profitable, so research into seaweed extract will almost certainly continue. Blocking fat not always good. Fats play an important role in metabolism; it's just the …
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Ephedrine Addiction Symptoms?

Question by BlueAngel: Ephedrine addiction symptoms?
I need to know the symptoms and signs of Ephedrine addiction. Please. My daughter is trying to loose weight. She has been taking ephedrine for about 6 months, maybe more. I don’t even know who she is anymore…
Please help me with this…

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Her 276 Lb Weight Loss Has Brought Fame

Her 276 lb weight loss has brought fame
Some of you may be able to relate…we can bury our hurts with all sorts of things…alcohol or drugs, shopping, other addictions…or even under personality traits…like sarcasm, negativity, jealousy. … I want to help people who are fighting their own …
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Sometimes, retail therapy isn't all that therapeutic
It proves there are three forces in the human brain at play when collectively contributing to the financially and emotionally draining addiction of compulsive shopping. Most of us wouldn't be clinically diagnosed with the disorder, which affects some …
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7News – Drug Busts at Sydney Train Stations

7News – Drug busts at Sydney train stations — FIRST ON 7: 7News has been given exclusive access to a police crackdown on criminals who use the rail network to transport and distribute drugs. Sean Berry r…

3 Ways to Make Your New Year's Resolution Stick, 1 Week Later
Again, take weight loss: it appears that lacking a network of social support can make it much harder to attain. As a group of … One website, stickK.com, applies this principle: it asks users to effectively make a bet against themselves that they can …
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